De workshop (Kerst)kransen maken bij Hutspot gaat door, hieronder de uitnodiging van Hutspot op  Facebook. Ik heb er veel zin in, misschien zie ik een of meerdere van jullie daar ook wel verschijnen, zou leuk zijn!

workshopMost you of you might know Tuin van Judith from her beautiful flower artworks which she sells at Hutspot. Since we are so in love with her work we decided to do something special for Christmas.

On the 13th of December Judith will host a workshop, how to make your own Christmas wreath.  She will learn you the basics of how to create the wreath,  you will be doing this with carefully selected flowers and plants. And of course, after the workshop you are allowed to take home your own created wreath!

Costs | €25,-
Location | Hutspot Van Woustraat
Time | 15:30-17:30

Sign up by sending an email to, you have until the 10th of December!
You will get an email back with more information.



hierbij wat voorbeelden van kransen

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